China Part 3

South we go, to the Li River Valley. We fly into Guilin and continue on by bus to the village of Yangshou. For a story on a bus tout, click here. We later return to Guilin and travel by overnight train to Guangzhou to see the markets and then onto Hong Kong.

The Li River Valley, I'm told the rough translation means heavan on earth. I'll let you be the judge. It's a spectacular place that we did not spend enough time in. I would highly recommend a visit. President Clinton even stopped through on his visit to China.

We also get to see life along a river in China. Below is a cormorant fisherman. He hangs a latern from the back of the boat and the birds dive and catch fish. The birds have a ring around their neck so they can't swallow the fish which are then taken from them and put in the basket. The raft is made of bamboo.

We also saw water buffalo in their natural environment. They were eating off the bottom of the river, kind of like a moose. We saw several swimming across the river.

We rented bikes and road inland away from the river. The scenery was always great.

At times the path got a bit narrow. Here we are navigating our way through the rice patties. We saw several farmers up to their knees in the mud behind a water buffalo pulling a plow. Life is still pretty hard in the country.

This is one of the last photo's before we left the valley. The large backpack weighs 20 kilos (44 lbs) and the day pack another 10 kilos (22 lbs), thats 30 kilos (66 lbs ) on our feet.

We bus to Guilin and overnight train it to Guangzhou. For a food ordering story that happened in Guilin, click here. A town famous for it's market - food and spices. We also discovered it is also well known because it is an adoption center for American couples. We saw it all in the market. Every kind of fish, bug, reptile, and mamal was in a cage ready for slaughter and cooking, (the live selection included: cats, turtles, pheasant, waterbugs, mealworm, crabs, snakes, chicken, quail, possum, fox, hedgehog, deer, rabbit, pigeon, squid, shrimp, frogs, badgers, etc. Dried food: lizard, snake, centepide, caterpillars, frogs, scorpions, horns, and various unknown animal parts). Below are dried snakes and dried lizard on a stick - no popsicles here.

The meat market had a variety as well. Here you see ducks, chicken's feet, trotters (pig and cattle feet), and a variety of cuts.

We travel on by bus to Hong Kong. Here I purchase a one way ticket home. I get it at 4 days notice at less than half the price I was quoted with 4 months notice in the USA. The bargain shops of HK. Below is HK harbour, first by day then by night.

The modern city street by night.

We again met up with Myrna James in HK and went out for a beer and a few jokes.

From HK I caught a flight back to reality, work in Midland, Michigan. The journey is over but the memories are forever. I left John and Kristine to continue on to Japan.