Autumn 98 Photo's

Elk Rapids (1Nov98) - This was a visit in the northern part of Michigan, just north of Traverce City. It stayed with an old friend and where I enjoyed the last of the fall colors and the peace and quite. A great cabin along side lake Michigan.

On the way back I couldn't help but take this picture. It was along side one of the Christmas tree farms. It's the first of November!! You wonder why the tree is brown by the end of December!

Cleveland Retreat Weekend (6-8Nov98)- I went down to Cleveland for a retreat weekend and managed to look up some friends I've not seen in a while. Below are the Baak's, looking well in their new house.

Later I went across town to look up an old house mate of mine, Tony Rus. He had bought a red ranger as well! It's a funny world. 

Here's me with Tony and family. The proud father!

Kansas State Football (4-6Dec98)- I journeyed down to St. Louis to meet up with friends to watch K-State play Texas A&M for the Big 12 championship. The picture below captures the spirit in St. Louis.

Well, the game was a dismal defeat. But, old friends met up and got re-acquainted (Marc, Angela, Don, & Paul).