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Berlin, Germany (Nov 2003)- I'm teaching a class in Berlin for a week.  It take advantage of the opportunity to see Berlin.  It is a city I have wanted to see for some time but have not managed to get there.  WOW - has the city changed since the wall came down.  Get to Berlin and see it while you can.  It is changing at an astonishing rate.  I'm really sad I did not take the opportunity to see it when I was living in England, before the wall came down.

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Meilenwerk - Car Works.  This is a renovated building that houses multiple businesses for exotic car sales and restoration.  There are many used cars and some new cars.  We had a corporate event here one night.  There are some real classics to see.  There was also some musical entertainment.

There are a couple of areas dedicated to people that died trying to escape east Berlin.  The 2nd photo is for the people that died trying to get across the river.

Sony Center - Sony's European Headquarters.  Has a variety of shops and a very interesting architecture.  The tent like roof is designed to make the center look like Mount Fuji.  I'm told there is wireless 802.11 access at the center.

Pergamonmuseum - Houses the famous Pergamon Alter.  This museum has a nearly full size artifact of the Pergamon Alter.  Wow.  They have some incredible pieces.  Plus some Islamic Art that is amazing.  Also see the market gate, Ishtar Gate, Assyrian Palace and Facade of the Mshatta Palace.  This is a showpiece for Berlin and not to be missed.  The museum card gets you into here.

Reichstag - German Parliament.  Orginally built in 1871.  Burned in 1933 - blamed on the communist party and used to destroy the party by the Nazi Party.  Rebuilt between 1957 and 1972.  The tour is mainly to get up on the roof and enter the glass dome.  You take a spiraling walkway to the top and another one back down.  You can also walk around the roof for a view of the city.  Be prepared for a metal screening to enter the building.

Siwhetuscges Egrebnak - Memorial to Soviet Solders.  Memorial to the 300,000 soldiers of the Red Army killed in the 1945 battle for Berlin.  

Gertrauden-brucke - St. Gertrude's Bridge.  This statue is of St. Gertrude located on the the bride is the location where St. Gertrude's Hospital once stood.

Siegessaule - Triumphal column.  Built to commemorate the victory of the Prousso-Danish ware of 1864.  You can climb the up to the top of the column for a small fee.

The column looks down the Strasse des 17Juni to the Brandenburg gate.

Topographie des Terrors - Topography of Terror.  Another not to be missed.  This area is the foundation of what was the Nazi political departments.  This area was the headquarters to the Nazi Party.  In the basement of the SS (of which Heinrich Himmler was in command) that torture cells were set up for the key political prisoners.  Also, decisions and strategies for the mass genocide was made.  The exhibit documents the rise of power and the abuse of power of the Nazi party.  Most of the signage is in German but you can get a free set of headphones in other languages in the office located on site.  You have to leave a form of ID to guarantee you will return the headset.  This is a well done exhibit.  

Brandenburger Tor - Bradenburg Gate.  What used to be the city gate is now a very recognizable symbol of Berlin.  Take time to see it in the day and the night as it takes on a different look at night.

US Embassy.  This was a reality check for me that the USA is at war.  Both the US and British Embassy had heavily armed fronts with no direct access by a vehicle.  Just a stark reality.

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