Autumn 2000 Photo's

Ruth and Bill's Wedding (16Sept00)- I head to Kansas City for Ruth, my younger sister's wedding.  Ruth Smith and Bill Hovey.  After rehearsal the families have a meal at the local Italian restaurant.

It's the whole Smith family - 3 boys, 3 girls and mom and dad.

The Hovey family.

Dad bringing Ruth up the aisle.  

The exchange of vows.

The smiling newly weds on the way out.

The "after" pictures.  This is all of the Smith clan but one niece.

The the brothers, sisters, mom and dad and the new son-in-law.

A view of the dress!

On to the reception we go.  The cutting of the cake and Champagne.

The last picture, Drew is keeping himself entertained by eating the tastiest fruit at the reception - the fruit from the punch bowl!

that's all.