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Reds Game with the Cincinnati Ski Club (20 September 2002)- It is a baseball game day with the Cincinnati ski club.  The weather is a nice sunny day.  The club had good seats, but a couple of people in the club had gotten some seats right behind the Red's dugout.  They swapped tickets with us and we went down to enjoy.  Below is where we were...

And then the view from where we moved to.  We could see Marty and Joe in the 700WLW box.  Very cool.

Last Reds Game in Cinergy Ballpark (22 September 2002)- It is the end of the season and the end of Cinergy Ballpark.  On the same weekend is Octoberfest in Zinzinnati.  We stop by the Beer tent to have a beer before going down to the game.  They are selling Ludwig beer.  Named after King Ludwig of Bavaria.  He built Schloss Neuschwanstein, (see summer 2002 page 1)

I also run into Liz Bonis of 94.1 on the street (Lighten up with Liz and Mix 94.1).  She is great and is happy to pose for a picture.  Thanks Liz.

On to the Ballpark.  The players all great Marge Schott and the Lindner execs.

Joe Nuxhall throws out the first pitch of the final game.

Memorable extras dot the ballpark

The starting score board.

The final scoreboard.  The Reds go down 4 to 3.  It was still a good game.

They bring out the Red Machine.

Pete Rose is a noted absence amongst the previous stars out to say good bye to the ball park.  Absent but not forgotten.

Home plate is dug up and moved to the new ballpark.

The gang who saw the last game together.

The new ballpark is in view from the old.

Reds "Farewell to Riverfront" Softball Game (23 September 2002)- Its a night of former stars playing softball in Cinergy Ballpark.  

Johnny Bench Pitching??  You get to see it all tonight.

Pete at bat.

Pete sliding into 3rd.

Pete playing 3rd.

The grand finale fireworks.

So long Cinergy.  It has been fun!

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