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Phil Schreiber's Goodbye (27 September 2002)- Phil is moving on to a new position in Rockwell.  Its a sad day for the group but it is time for the move for him.  We will miss him so we have to have a little party!

The core team, Phil and Linda.

Janet, DP, Scott

Chris, Venkat, Alan, Janet, Mike, DP

A Day On Board with Lou Bendle (29 September 2002)- It is a nice fall day and Lou Gayle are going to take us out for a boat ride.

A beautiful evening on Double Bubble.

It's amazing how fast some boats run up and down the river.  Is it safe?

A view of the new ballpark and the "riverboat" monument.

A great sunset on the river.  Thanks for a nice day out Lou!

Pigeon Ford Fall Trip (19 October 2002)- We take a fall trip down to Pigeon Ford / Gatlinburg area.  An early morning view of the valley with the mist.

A day a Dollywood.  Its a unique park with a nice day out.

But the Smokey mountains are the reason we came.  We get in some nice walks.

and see some great water falls.

This girls was "walking" on the rocks.  Dad kept telling her to stop and come back.  She kept tempting fate.  I saw it coming and had the camera ready.

A mountain home.  Gives you a perspective on how some people were raised.

A hay barn.  I've never seen one like that before.

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