Fall 2003 Photo's

Balluminaria, Eden Park, Cincinnati Ohio(29 Nov 2003)- The city hosts a winter event where they bring in 10 hot air balloons.  The balloons are kept tethered to the ground but shift the burner output so it lights up the balloons in the dark.  Very spectacular.

Fountain Square Christmas (29 Nov 2003)- They have Fountain Square decorated for Christmas again this year.  The ice rink is back as well!

Cinergy Model Train Exhibit, Cincinnati Ohio(5 Dec 2003)- Every year Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company (Cinergy) put on a elaborate model railroad display for Christmas.

With all the trains and tracks running around you have conductors adding trains, taking trains off, changing routes.  It's a busy rail yard.

You have to take the time to take in all the details of the miniatures that make up the exhibit.

that's all!