Perth Photo's

City of Perth, Australia (4 Oct 2003)- I'm off to Perth for a short business trip but fit in a weekend of site seeing in Perth.  Below is the city skyline. 


Swan Bells Tower, housing the twelve bells of Saint Martin in the Fields church, the parish church of Buckingham Palace.

Did you know they ring bells upside down?  The ringers rotate the bell through 360 degrees then stop it to stop the sound.

Andrew, the batch expert from Melbourne.

Mundaring Weir, Australia (5 Oct 2003)

At the time, a desperate water shortage was hampering development of the Eastern Goldfields and the dam was part of the innovative solution devised by the colony’s chief engineer, C.Y. O’Connor, who planned to raise the water the 400km up to Kalgoorlie with the aid of a series of pumping stations. Such a radical idea was ridiculed in the press and mocked in parliament – O’Connor struggled constantly to secure funds for his scheme and eventually committed suicide on Fremantle Beach just months before water finally gushed into Kalgoorlie’s Mount Charlotte Reservoir in 1903. Today, the Goldfields are still fed by an upgraded version of the pipeline and pumping stations which parallel the Great Eastern Highway to Kalgoorlie.

The old coal fired pumping station.

City of Fremantle, Australia (5 Oct 2003)- I'm off 

Into the city of Fremantle.  There are two Maritime museums now.  One has the older history of trading and shipwrecks,,

and the other has the newer history - Australia II in 1983 claimed the America's cup putting Fremantle on the map.

City of York, Australia (5 Oct 2003)- York was western Australia's first inland settlement.  It gave me a chance to get inland a bit and see some of the countryside.

You can visit the restored city Courthouse and Jail.  It's a somber reminder of the past.

I love these cactus's!  Maybe one for Cincinnati?

that's all!