Fall and Winter 2001 Photo's

Cleveland Weekend (7-9Sept01)- It's getting late in the season and I've still not made it up to Cleveland to see Chris and Liz Combs.  They have a new sailing boat and house that I've got to check out.

They have a great view of Lake Erie.

and they are showing the signs of enjoying the summer by a lake!

I love the house right of the sea wall on Lake Erie.

Fall Colors (Oct01)- It's prime fall colors.  We've had a lot of rain so I missed getting out and taking pictures at the prime time, but I've got a few shots.  This is off the first roll of film.  Check back for more.

Frankfurt, Germany (Nov01)- I'm doing some consulting work outside of Frankfurt, Germany so I take in some of the local sites.  The before and after pictures in Europe continue to amaze me.  Here is Frankfurt in 1945 and 2001.

A great job of rebuilding.  In the winter time Germany has the Christmas markets.  They have mulled wine, cold wine, hot drinks and food plus some stalls selling Christmas wares.  It is quite the social scene.

This is one of the pubs in the Sachsenhausen district.  The serve apple wine (hard cider) and traditional German dishes - big, filling plates.  The seating is rows of picnic tables, all crowded together.  It is a fun place to eat.

This is the Old Town Hall square. Interesting old buildings that reflect the period architecture.

I then check out the Gothic Cathedral (dom).  It is largely rebuilt, but still nice.

usual for Europe, the crests of the former great families of the area.

and that's Frankfurt am Main, built along the mainz river (as opposed to Frankfurt an der Oder, built along the Polish border).

that's all for now!