Nebraska 2004 Photo's

Nebraska Trip  (4 Dec 2004)- I have a work trip to Nebraska that has me staying over the weekend.  So, I decide to see some of the local cities where my family roots are from.

St. Petersburg, NE - I had great grandparents (Sprenger) come from St. Petersburg.  It's classic farm country.  

They are buried in St. John's cemetery just outside of town.

There used to be a church and monastery located in the small town of St. Bernard.  I have great grandparents (Ottis) come from that town.  

All that is left now is a memorial and a bit of a wall.

I happened to be in the cemetery as the sun was setting.  The beauty of sunsets on the plains always makes me stop.

St. Francis of Assisi Church, Humphrey Nebraska (parish web site) - this is a old German Catholic cathedral that is spectacular.  The magnificent spire will get your attention miles from the church.

They have fresco's on the walls - beautiful.

If you happen to catch the parish priest he might switch on the lights for you for a moment.  I have never seen a display like this in a church before.  It brought back memories of the Mysore Palace I saw in southern India (click here and scroll down).

that's all!