The North Channel - A 10 day sailing trip through in the North Channel of Lake Huron on a 38 ft sail boat. Spectacular scenery and a great group of guys. The north channel is a water way on the northern end of Lake Huron. A channel between Canada and a mass of islands in Lake Huron. Islands dot the horizon. Overnight accommodation was on board a 38 ft sailing yacht. Having a boat allows you to find some of natures most spectacular places to park. Have a look at the masts sticking up from the slits in the rock!

But, of course all this rock makes for some challenges in navigation. Depths would go from 100+ feet to rock in a matter of moments.

All the rocks made for moments of discussion amongst my 3 sailing companions. We had 2 different charts, which sometimes differed. But, as they had been through the area before, they managed to agree a path forward and we never once hit anything.

We worked our way up into a water way beside McGregor Island. It's about as remote as one can get. We found a spectacular spot to anchor up and spent 2 days at this location. How could you not love it?

The view from the boat to the right.

The early morning sunrise. Loons, silence, God was here.

I found a little glen that I worked my way into with the inflatable. It was so quite and peaceful. Spectacular area. Reminded me of Ireland, the emerald island.

Some the areas had mooring eyes placed in the 1800's by the early explorers/loggers. See below in the picture, embedded in the rock. Though in this little water way we never could understand how a boat of any size could have made it into the space.

We enjoyed our evenings as well, a bit of wine, discussion, playing cards, and for me, listening to the stories of 3 gentlemen who have seen and done a great deal in their life. Fascinating and enjoyable company.

Thanks to Stacy, Newt, and Pat for 10 great days on Manitu (a 38 ft C & C)!!