Orlando 2004 Photo's - Page 1

Orlando (Feb 2004)- I have a company event down in Orlando.  Juanita comes down with me and we make a weekend of it.  We stay at the Portifino hotel on Universal Studio's lot.  Nice hotel modeled after the real village of Portifinio in Italy.

We have an evening were the group gets together.  Ralph is there in full spirit!

and my boss, Barry, fresh in from San Juan.

We spend the morning at Universal Studios and the afternoon at Island of Adventures.  I still love the old Twister set.  It was a great movie.

Of course we had to experience the Jaws ride.

They have a new set at Islands of Adventure, Poseidon's Fury.  It's like a Universal Studios experience but all fantasy.  The god Poseidon takes on an evil god.  Great special effects!

We also enjoyed the live show "The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad".  Again, great stunts and special effects.

Ride the rollercoaster "The Hulk", it's big green and fast!

We took some time to hang out in City Walk.  It's shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

We took in a show one evening, Cirque du Soleil.  Great acrobats mixed in with humor.  The story line is a dream and all the weird stuff in it.

Artists on the stage.

Balancing on lighted wheels.

High-wire act.

Sunday we went out to Cape Canaveral, home of NASA.  The vehicle assembly building is HUGE.

One of the two shuttle launch pads.  Unfortunately all is pretty quite at the moment.

The Rocket Garden at the main visitors center.

Can you imagine riding around the earth in one of these?

They have a shuttle mockup that gives you a feeling of how small it really is.

Not to be missed, the Saturn V exhibit.  Wow.  They have Apollo 18 which was never launched.  It is an incredible site to see the delivery system to put men onto the moon.

The exhibit has mock up's to show you how it all fits together.

They also have a re-assembled launch control room.  It really gives you an insight into what it was like during the Saturn years.

A landing craft.

There is so much to see in Orlando....

that's all!