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Nephin Winter Climb (13Feb00)- Nephin is "the" local peak.  It's 806 m, 2644 ft!  It's a cold winter day in Ireland.  On the climb with me is the young lad, Chris.  This the local hill viewed across a lake.

It's an old volcano that has eroded out.

Up the ridge line on the left side.  Last time I tried this place on the right side a storm blew in and forced us to turn back.  Not today, it's a great winter day in Ireland (we don't get many of these).

Most of the way up the bowl now.  You can see the ridgeline going back down.

We make it to the top.  There was about a foot of snow on top!  Cool man!

Chicago (27Feb-4Mar00)- I make a stop through Cincinnati for a couple of days then I'm up to Chicago for a SAP training class.  Not to much to say here.  Still a great city.  I did have dinner with Kandy from Michigan, she is doing great!  I have a look at the city from the pier then go into the city to see the famous water tower.  On Saturday I fly back to Ireland.

A Bit of Ballina, Ireland (Mar00)- So, how was life in Ballina.  Mostly good.  The weather is dreadful, the people excellent.  I lived in a town of about 6000 people, 102 pubs.  You do the math!  Lot's of scenic, historic country side.  Below is just one of many examples.

The pubs, a great social place.

Some are very colorful on the outside!

The weekly jazz night had a great group of elderly men getting down.

With the coming of spring there was salmon fishing right in front of my apartment.  But, the license was very expensive.

Of course, there is always time in church in catholic Ireland.  With views like this outside the church, it must be a place of God.

St. Patrick's Day, Dublin, Ireland (17Mar00)- It's a national holiday.  Everyone enjoy the day.  I head to Dublin and stay with a friend.  On the way into town I'm amazed at the traffic jam going out of town.  Why is everybody leaving?  The locals all go somewhere else.  Dublin is invaded by American's and Brit's over the weekend.  If you want a real St Pat's day, go some where besides Dublin.  It is a great party.  But, it gets difficult to get into any where to drink!  What do you do on St. Pat's day in Dublin? Just like everywhere else.  Go to the parade then to the pub's!

So it starts.

A big crowd and lot's of police.

Guinness, just in case you weren't sure where you were.

On to the pub.  Not many Irish people in the place!

Country Mayo Coastline (Apr00)- Just a few pictures of that famous coastline of county Mayo.  The boys have to climb to the edge.  It's a beautiful place to go for a walk.

Croagh Patrick, The Return, 765m/ 2509 ft.(14May00)- I returned to Croagh Patrick toclimb it again.  This time I was in shape!  It's a much better climb when you are in shape!  See the last time in October

It is quite a climb.

It is a rocky, tough climb.

The view is spectacular.  This is a post card, my camera just did not do it justice.

The chapel on top.

Moyne Abbey(21May00)- The diocese had a Sunday retreat to the Moyne Abbey.  The Abbey was the first permanent Catholic presence in County Mayo.  It's quite a grand place.  The Bishop said mass there.  I had an excellent experience there.

I had to admire the architecture.

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