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I declare it summer as my time in Ireland has ended.  I take a round about route home.  I fly over to Wales and see my old Dow Corning friends; rail to London and rail via the channel tunnel to Brussels to see another old Dow Corning friend; rail back to London then rail to Portsmouth to see the old home and friends; rail to London to see more friends and new sites; fly back to Cincinnati.  How's that for a route home?

Brussels (26-29May00)- I catch the train from London to Brussels.  It's really a comfortable ride but costs the same as flying.  The tunnel is a non-event, 20 minutes in a tunnel then you are in France.  I get to Brussels and crash out at Sherriff household.

All major cities need a Victory Arch.

The L'Atomium, a model of an Iron Atom.  It was for the 1958 World's Fair.  It's very big, don't under estimate the size.  Look at the cars on the street.  You can go up in to the structure and look out small windows.  It's a pretty good view.

We take in a bit of oriental life.  A previous King of Belgium took in interest in the Orient.

On Sunday we drive out to a Chateau, but we have gale force winds blowing and trees are coming down around us.  We have short look and retreat back to the city.  It is a beautiful place.

After lunch I have a walk around.  My luck, the annual marathon is today!

I LOVE the war monuments in Europe.  They are so powerful.

A bit of architecture in the Grand Plaza.  Again, you gotta love the architecture you find in Europe.

London (2June00)- I stay with my friend, Wendy in London.  It's good to see her and the rest of the gang.  I'm here to see the two new attractions in London, the London Eye and the Dome.

The cars are big.

The view is excellent!

On to the Millennium Dome in Greewich.

Just in case you were interested, the glossies.

The "body" and the central arena show are the highpoints.  Just be aware, "the body" deals with some adult stuff.


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