Spring and Summer 2001 Photo's

St. Patrick's Day (17Mar01)- It's a cold Saturday morning in Cincinnati for St. Patty's day.  Juanita and I head downtown to watch the parade.  It's takes a hearty Irishman to come out today!

I thought this was a great picture, son and grandfather walking in the parade.

I guess this guy is a bit of an icon in Cincinnati, "the naked cowboy".  Keep in mind, it is snowing lightly in the background.


Vietnam Traveling Wall (27Apr01)- An exact, scaled down version of the Vietnam Veterans wall in Washington DC is traveling the country.  It stopped through Cincinnati.  It is pretty excellent.

Summer Softballl (Summer01)- It's summer softball time.  I'm playing on a coed team.  I also watch the girls team play on Wednesday nights.

Juanita coming up to the plate,

and the big hit.

Kim up next,

and Kimmy keeping watch on 3rd.

that's all for now!