Spring 2002 Photo's

Melbourne, Australia (March 2002)- Its my first trip down under.  It is a long series of flights, Cincinnati to Chicago to LA to Auckland, NZ to Melbourne.  I'm flying down to help out the Melbourne Rockwell office with a project they have going on with CUB (Carlton & United Brewery).  It's a great country and I enjoy the local hospitality.

Lot's of sail boats out on the bay racing on a beautiful day.  I'm jealous of the great harbor they have to play on!

A shopping mall with an original church as the center piece.  I love the glass dome they built around the spire.

Andrew takes me out for the day with a stop at Healesville Sanctuary where I can take in the unique animals of Australia.  The Platypus is one of the classics.

I was amazed how close we could get to the Kangaroo's.  You go through the gate into the pen with them.  There is a roped area where you are supposed to stay.  It was pretty warm so they we to lethargic.

We got a real treat by taking in the birds of prey exhibition.  I highly recommend it.

The bird fly into and land amongst the audience.  It is a magnificent sight.  Birds with 6 foot wing spans landing among you.

Of course, the infamous Tasmanian Devil!  He is smaller than I thought he would be.  But, he has a big head in comparison to his body with an very powerful looking jaws.  I'm sure he deserves his reputation.

No trip would be complete with out seeing a Koala.  We are there during feeding time.

Cincinnati Reds, Opening Day (1 April 2002)- Its the last season for Cinergy Field.  Opening day tickets were in high demand.  I was one of the lucky few to get 4 tickets.  You have to start the day off by going to the opening day parade.  Fountain Square (if you can find a spot) is the central happening place.

I love these guys.  The synchronized lawn mowing men.

The players are lined up, the flag is waving,,, play ball.

A good day with friends, Bruce, Kim, Don, Juanita, Renee and Bill.

Avalon Concert (18 April 2002)- We take in a great Christian Concert featuring: Mark Schultz (www.markschultzmusic.com), Joy Williams (www.joywilliams.net) and Avalon (www.avalonlive.com).  What an amazing gift from God.  We were offered "meet and greet" passes.  It was really cool to meet the artists.  Juanita was on crutches yet recovering from knee surgery.

Chicago Cubs versus Cincinnati Reds Road Trip (19 April 2002)- We take a road trip with the Cincinnati Ski Club to Chicago for a Cubs vs Reds weekend series (with a little sight seeing).  A view of the city.

A must see, the pumping station aka water tower.

But, back to the reason we came.  My first visit to Wrigley Field.

I love the roof top seats across the street from the ball park.  What a business!

It was soooo cold at the game.  The wind coming in off Lake Michigan was freezing!

So we spend a lot of time on the sun patio!



that's all for now!