Spring 2003 Photo's

Reds Opening Day in the brand new - Great American Ballpark (31 March 2003)- As always, I start the day out by going to the Opening Day Parade.  It's a bigger than normal event for the sell out crowd - it's the first game in the new ballpark.  Anthony Munoz, Sparky Anderson and Bill Cunningham are just a few.

The guys named Pete!

Its a heavy Pete Rose theme as the city pushes for him to be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

A look alike fools us all for just a second- "it's Pete!"

Cincinnati is the home of Chiquita Banana.

It's opening day and I'm headed into the Great American BallPark.

The crowd fills in - there won't be an empty seat at starting time.

The new smoke stacks.  They shoot fireworks when the Reds hit a home run.

The team are lined up,

and the construction workers bring out the flag.

Former President George Bush starts us out, Let's Play Ball.


Good Friday (18 April 2003)- We spend the afternoon at Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams.  It is great way to spend Good Friday.  The people are all praying by them selves yet all together as a community.

Joe Kindel's Ordination to Deacon (26 April 2003)- This is the first time I've had the pleasure of attending an ordination.  It is a great experience.  I get to see a group of men ordained as Deacons.

Joe's proud family.

Joe's even prouder parents.

that's all for now!