Spring 2004 Photo's

Bock Fest (28 Feb 2004)- We know spring is approaching when BockFest arrives.  The local Barrel House brewery makes a special run of Bock Beer and we have a parade to celebrate the event.  Monks used to make Bock beer in the spring thus the monastic theme. 

New York InterPhex (17 March 2004)- I work at the InterPhex show in New York.  It is fun to visit Times Square, but the weather was snowy and COLD. 

I guess I did not realize that the David Letterman show is right on Times Square.

Cincinnati Subway Tour (27 March 2004)- We take advantage of a tour of the abandoned Cincinnati Subway system.  For a full history, goto website.   In 1918 they started to build a subway system.  But, they went way over budget and the arrival of the automobile killed the project.  That was in 1926.

Entrance on Central Parkway.

The Central Parkway Platform where the train would have stopped.

Oak supports to for the railway ties.

A water supply pipe runs through the tunnel supplying the west side with water.

Crystalline formations hang from the ceiling.

Reds Opening Day - Great American Ballpark (5 April 2004)- Another season for Reds baseball.  The pre-game events are always entertaining.

How many people does it take to hold a hose? 

They flew a bald eagle from the outfield to a man on 2nd base.  Still an impressive bird.

A full-size flag for the national anthem.

A beautiful day at the park.

Good Friday (9 April 2004)- We spend the afternoon at Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams.  It is great way to spend Good Friday.

KU Relays (17 April 2004)- I'm in Kansas City on business and stay the weekend to see my niece run at the KU relays.

that's all!