Cowes Week 2001 Photo's

Cowes Week (4-10Aug01)- I have been feeling the need for some serious yacht racing these days.  I was grateful to hear that I could play on Alliance (Sigma 38) for Cowes Week. Cowes week is a week long regatta based out of the city of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, Southern England.  It is home to the Royal Yacht Squadron where members of the Royal family are usually present to race their boats.  Prince Phillip is a keen racer.  The web site:

There are 1005 entries racing this week.  We will have lots of wind all week.  A couple of days, LOTS of wind.  There will be 5 boats sank and 83 calls for help before the week is out.

The Royal Yacht Squadron.

There are some pretty serious money boats racing.  Above and below are pictures for the start for Class 1, boys with big expensive toys.

Australia II was here playing.  She is the boat that beat Dennis Connor to take the America's cup trophy.  She was taken out of a museum and brought to Cowes to race.  I had the pleasure of meeting a crew member.  What great group!

Below are taken with my little throw away camera during some downwind runs.  It's a pretty fast a furious race down wind when you have that much wind.

The crew trimming the boat.

The finish line gets pretty crowded when all the classes are coming in to finish.

The Sigma's parked up for the day.

The crew and some friends from England out enjoying a big meal.

The base for the GBR challenge.  The Brit's are putting money and time into making a serious run for the America's Cup in 2003.

Lastly, pictures off some commercial sites, first is (copies of these can be had from the corresponding vendor).

Next, Beken of Cowes.  You can not oder on line, but I have an order form I can email you.

The J's (10-11Aug01)- The three remaining J's are in town getting ready for the America's Cup Jubilee (click here to go to their web site), Endeavor, Velsheda, and Shamrock V.  These are BIG, racing machines.  Built in the 20's and 30's for the America's Cup races they are spectacular boats to see.  The sail area is enormous.  I have some pictures, but to see some great shots, go to the Jubilee web page and check them out in the Gallery photo's.  I only briefly saw them under sail.  I did get a good look when they came in to Ocean Village for the night.

and a photo from Andy.... thanks Andy.  Velsheda under sail.

Check out the height of the mast versus the rest of the boats in the marina.

See the guys on the boom, just to give you perspective on size.

Using ropes to move the sails around.

That's all I have from the J's.

Last picture, a parting bye to Southsea, my home for several years.

that's all for now!