Cape Town, South Africa 2001 Photo's

South Africa - Cape Town and Johannesburg (8-22Jul01)- I head down to South Africa on business.  I get some time to see Cape Town.  What a great place!

This gives you clear view of Table Mountain as it towers over the city.

And a view from above.  Table mountain dominates the city.

When you are in Cape Town you must take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain and enjoy the views.  We had an excellent day, great weather and clear visibility!

The views from the mountain are excellent - the ocean,

and Cape Town.

That's me, the required "I've been here photo"!

We then went down and watched a sunset at the foot of Table Mountain.  A great way to relax after a busy work week!

Augustus, an engineer from my company.  He was from Zimbabwe but now based in South Africa.

I always enjoy watching a great sunset over the ocean.

The next day we drove down to Cape of Good Hope.  The famous southern point in Africa.  At one time, it was thought to be the most southern point in Africa, but they were wrong.  It is the meeting point of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

There have been several light houses on the point over the years.  This is an old one built higher up the cape.  They discovered that because it was so high it was often shrouded in the fog so the built a lower one, down on the point.

Me and the lower light house just visible down on the point.

The big waves roll in off the southern ocean.

We kept seeing signs "Do not feed the animals", "Do not feed the Baboons - they are dangerous".  But, we did not see any for most of the morning.  Coming down from the light house we saw one cruising around the parking lot looking around.  Later we did see a group of them feeding and we also saw an ostrich.  The point is a national park.

We then drove up to Simon's Town and had a look a the famous South African Penguin colony.  Pretty funny to see penguin's in Africa!

They are quite a social group and fun to watch.

I then flew up to Johannesburg for a week of work.  I did not have any time to do any sight seeing.  But, Jo'burg is a tough town to hang out in anyway.  Lot's of crime.

that's all for now!