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Billy Graham in Cincinnati (28 June 2002)- The legend is coming to town.  Billy Graham and all the entourage.  We go to listen to him 2 nights.  The show and the spiritual power of the evening are incredible.

The red behind the stage is the choir.

Juanita was in a wheel chair for the event so we got prime seating in the wheel chair section of Paul Brown Stadium.

Home to Marienthal (4 July 2002)- I'm home during the summer for a 4th of July weekend.  I get a chance to see the farm in full summer mode.  The corn is waste high and growing - with the help of irrigated water.  The drought in western Kansas is making times hard for the farmers.

It takes a lot of machinery to run a farm.  Expensive machinery.

How many grandchildren can you fit on a golf cart?

Edinburgh, Scottland (1 August 2002)- I'm in Edinburgh for some work the Scottish Courage, a big brewery in the UK.  I take a day off to visit the city.  It's my 3rd time to Edinburgh so I hit the castle again but then find some new sites.

St Giles Cathedral.

The story is of Bobby the dog who stayed by his masters grave.  Greyfriars Cemetery is behind the pub.  The next stop.

It is an amazing cemetery in the middle of Edinburgh.  The crypts are quite ornate.

I was looking into this crypt when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and the chill went down my spine.  Later in day on a cemetery tour I discover the crypt is occupied by a judge who put a bunch of people to their death... right next door

next door in the Coventor's Prison.  The crypt of the judge is attributed to many strange things going on in the cemetery.

After all the years I lived in Portsmouth watching the Royal Yacht Britannia go in and out of the harbor it was a treat to go on board and have a look around.  She is moored in Edinburgh as a tourist attraction now.

What a grand hallway to have on a yacht!

Cincinnati Blues Festival (2 August 2002)- The Blind Boys of Alabama ( were great to listen to and fun to watch.  The energy they sing and move around on the stage is great.

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