Red River Gorge Photo's

Red River Gorge, Kentucky (7-13 Sept 2003)- We head down to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a much needed weeks vacation.  We have rented a cabin for the week to get some quiet.  It's a great week as there are not many people in the park.  It's great to hike and not see many people.  The parks are filled with hiking trails and natural stone arches.  A great information site for information:

If you want to get serious, get the book: Kentucky's Land of Arches, by R.H. Ruchhoft, ISBN 0-940029-00-6

The primary attraction is the well developed Natural Bridge State Resort Park.  They have a well developed set of trails to get to the arch or you can ride a sky lift (like a ski resort chair lift) to get to the arch.  The are is 78 feet.

If you walk up to the arch in the natural bridge state resort park a good route is to take #1 up and then #2 down.  If you take #2 you will see the Balanced Rock.

After a day in the Natural Bridge State Resort Park you will be ready for the Kentucky Red River Gorge Park.  It is a large park with many natural bridges, some close to the road and some requiring some walking.  Be sure to get yourself a good trail map to start the journey.  The web site listed above has one on it.  Below is the entrance off KY77 - the Nada Tunnel.  Directly above the tunnel is Tunnel Ridge Road.  Once you see the map it is amazing the roads that crisscross at different altitudes.

Enjoy the hiking.  The trails in the park are well marked.

Double Arch, trail 201.

Sky Bridge.

Haystack Rock along trail 204.

The secret route up to the top of Courthouse Rock.  I do not recommend this!

Swift Creek, Trail 207

Rock Bridge, trail 207 - a great hike, water and a rock bridge.

that's all!