Summer 2003 Photo's - Page 1

Milford Retreat (May 2003)- I try out a Charis Silent Retreat.  It was a good weekend for reflection and thought.  The setting was the Milford Retreat house.  The ground are beautiful and a perfect place to enjoy nature and the quiet.

Each person gets their own room - sink and a bed.

The retreat house has its own chapel.

The grounds are spectacular.

Next door to the retreat grounds is a retirement village.  The village is built on ground that were formerly a Jesuit novitiates center.  The Jesuit cemetery is still there and still in use.

Abe's High School Graduation (17 May 2003)- It home for a summer break to see my GodSon's high school graduation.

Gerald & Imelda Smith 50th Anniversary (18 May 2003)- It's my parents 50th anniversary.

Mom, Dad and the 6 kids.

Mom, Dad and the 6 kids with partners.

Mom, Dad and the Grandkids.

Mom, Dad and with brothers, sisters and in-laws.

Universal Studios (5 June 2003)- I'm down in Orlando working RSTechEd but fit in a visit to Universal Studios.

The Ghost Busters Car.

Two Blues Brothers impersonators show up.  They looked and sang the part.

One of the original cars from the set of Back to the Future.

The Jaws ride is still a classic.

The catamaran from the set of WaterWorld.

Meijer 300 Kentucky Speedway (31 March 2003)- We go to the Kentucky Speedway for a day out.  It is a "day" out.  Get there early and BBQ.  Kimmy's new mobile grill.

I had a great day at the races.  Good view of the track, excitement.  The only trying part is getting home after the race.

Kimmy's 40th Birthday, Birthday Bash (19 June 2003)- We surprised Kimmy again this year for her 40th birthday.  We had a surprise party for her at a Red's Baseball game.

and drinks and cookies afterwards at Willy's in Covington.

Maderia's 4th of July Parade (4 July 2003)- It is that time of year - hot dogs, fireworks and parades.

Hey cool, its the Shriners with their funny hats and go carts.

Okay, more Shriners, different looking carts,,,

Okay, the third group of Shriners, different looking carts,,,

Okay, the fourth group of Shriners, different looking carts,,, I didn't realize there were so many different Shriner precision go-cart groups.

Dayton Air Show (17 July 2003)- It is the 100th anniversary of flight.  The Wright brothers flew in 1903.  The Dayton Air Show is the place to be.  Mom, Dad, Kathy, Dale, Vanessa and Sarah come to visit and take it all in.

The WWII battle horse,

and the modern faceless spy in the sky.

They put on some great Pyros!

Churches in Northern Kentucky (19 July 2003)- We visit some great churches just over the river in Kentucky.

First Church - Mother of God in Covington

The church is fantastic.  The paintings are dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God - the 5 Joyous Mysteries.

The stain glass windows are incredible.  The look 3D.  Look at the Church website for a view of the windows.

Next we stop at the Basilica of the Assumption in Convington.  It's a little Notre Dame Cathedral here in Kentucky.

Newport Aquarium (19 July 2003)- We also take in the Newport Fish Bowl.  It's nice place with a good viewing of lot's of aquatic life - some of the few, sharks, rays and turtles.





that's all for now!