Summer 2004 Photo's - Page 3

The Leaning Pole (August 2004)- We had some teens driving to fast and lost control of their car.  They hit a utility pole.  The pole was left like this for a week!  It is amazing it did not fall over.

Kansas City (August 2004)- I had business in Kansas City.  We wrap up work early one day so we decided to do a little sight seeing.  I have never had a chance to look at the World War I memorial - called the Liberty Memorial.  It has been renovated over the last few years.  It is really a great monument with some nice World War I articles.

Their eyes are covered from the horrors of war.

WWI helmets.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - also known as the gold dome church.  This church has also recently been renovated.  It is worth the time to see the inside.  The stain glass windows are spectacular.  You have to ask at the church office to be let in - realities of crime in the city.

Shout Fest (August 2004)- We head to a day long Christian rock festival.  We were there to see two main acts - Petra and Nicole C. Mullen.  Petra is an old Christian rock band.  They unfortunately set the volume knob to high so the music sound sad.  Nicole was great, as usual.  The heat got to us and we ended up leaving early in the afternoon.

Charlie Daniels Band at Blue Ash (August 2004)- Blue Ash always brings in great acts.  We had a chance to see Charlie Daniels live.  He is a full of life personality!

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