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Houseboat Trip (August 2005)- I went with a group down to Laurel Lake where we had two house boats rented for 4 days.  It was a great break away from work.  I did not wear any shoes for the whole time!  We tied the two houseboats nose to nose and then tied the sterns to the shore.  This blocked off a cove so we had it all to ourselves.

Some people slept down below in the beds, some up on the roof in tents.

This is a view of the cove we had blocked off - in the early morning as the mist was rising up.

A view of the cove later in the day.

One of the boats went out for a ice run in the mornings.

We brought a priest on board to say mass.  It was a great evening - breaking bread on the water with this water community

The gang on top of the houseboat.

On the way home we stopped by Cumberland Falls and had a look.

Kansas City Trip (August 2005)- Work took me to Kansas City.  I stayed in the Westport / Plaza area.  I always enjoy the fountains that are in the plaza area.

I stopped over and saw my sister and her family.  Ahh, what every boy (man) wants, his own pool and bubbles!

Wichita Country Fair (August 2005)- I flew home for the Wichita County Fair.  It is a good time to come home as lots of people that live away from home come home during the fair.  I see friends I have not seen in a while, plus spend some "summer time" with my family.

The county has bought its own rides over the years.  This came about because the town got to small for the carnivals to come.  Because the county has its own rides they have quite a reasonable price to ride.  This low cost attracts people from several surrounding counties.

My niece, brother and I enjoy the Ferris Wheel.

As with all fairs, you have the games as well.

And the cowboys come to town for the rodeo.

There is also all those country things as well - here is an antique tractor pull.

The famous turtle race.  The animal activist got involved in this a while back and almost stopped it.  They now have more humane rules to treat the turtles better.

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