Summer 98 Photo's

Tractor Show (22Aug98)- lot's of tractors from across the time. Suppose it takes a bit of a farm background to really enjoy one of these events. One from my past, the Farmall H! Spent a few hours on one like this in my youth.

For the days when you needed a bit more power, but were limited by engine size, you do the logical,,,, strap several together. What a toy!

The Thumb (23Aug98) - Tracy Wildrex was up for the weekend. We did the tractor show on Saturday then on Sunday over into the thumb of Michigan. We found a charming place that is not as commercialized as the west side of the state. A favorite of mine, lighthouses. Here is the Point Aux Barques lighthouse.

ReMax Balloon Festival (18Sept98) - the big balloons were in town. We caught one of the launches on an evening. Lot's of color and fun. They had a go signal and they all started to inflate them - at almost the same time.

The the chase was on.

Sailing (all summer) - This summer I've been carrying on with one of my great loves, racing yachts. This is the yacht Aerie, crewed by the Skillman clan and a few friends such as myself. She is a 54' IOR.

And spent my Wednesday evenings with the Saginaw Bay Yacht club fleet racing on the boat Twisted. A great group of guys learning to sail a renovated boat - a massive DIY job.

The Grand Canyon (10Oct98) - while out in Phoenix for a long weekend I went up to the Grand Canyon. This was the second time for me. The other when I was but a wee lad. It is spectacular.

Below is the center of the canyon, where the mighty Colorado river still roars down. I'm told the rapids rate an 8 (out of 10). This translates to 8 feet waves in places,,, sounds fun?

Okay, you have to do the poses. No, that's not my hand bag in the background. I ran into a British tour group, was nice to hear some of the old ascents I had grown so accustomed to. The photo was taken by a Scottish chap, the purse is his Irish girlfriends.

A self pose by balancing the camera on a rock. I ventured a ways down one of the trails into the canyon for this picture. The short climb up really made me aware of the altitude. The rim of the canyon is around 7,000 feet.

Alpena Fall Colors (23-25Oct98) - I made a trip up to the north west side of the state of Michigan to have a look at the fall colors. I was about a week off peak, but as you can see, still some nice colors.

I could not resist this photo. A seen I've come across more than once. Dad is raking the leaves into a pile which is quickly taken advantage of by the kids!

While up north I went up and around Grand Lake to the Presque light house (yes, both of them, old and new). Below is the new light house.

One of my reasons to go up to Alpena was to see Gary and Barb's new house. A house that is very subtle on the outside with lots of charm on the inside.

..... that's all