Winter 2000 and 2001 Photo's

Christmas 2000 - Marienthal (25Dec00)- I head to home town for Christmas, Marienthal, Kansas.  

Ernie and Christi's Family.  It's always great to have young kids around for Christmas.

Kathy and Dale's family.

Sharry and family.

and Mom and Dad.

I then drove back through a blizzard to get back to Cincinnati.  It was a 2 day trip of just over a 1000 miles.  I now understand when friends told me that Kansas is a long boring drive.  Day 1 - drive across Kansas to Kansas City, spend the night.  Day 2 - drive across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and into Ohio.

New Year's Eve 2001 - Cincinnati (1Jan01)- I was over at friends for a New Years celebration.  Below is get ready for the ball drop. 

Midnight, let the horns blow!


Jim and Linda's retirement - LaGrange (23Feb01)- I headed to Kentucky to meet up with some former Dow Corning friends to celebrate Jim and Linda's retirement.  They were good friends while I was working in England.  Now they have time to "really" enjoy life!