Winter 2003-2004 Photo's

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Christmas 2003 (25 December 2003)- My annual trip home for Christmas.  I had some vacation that had to be used up so I went home earlier than usual.  I was home early enough to see some basketball games.  

Luke jumping high.

and Sarah playing well,

Grandma always sets a big table to accommodate the entire clan!

The little ones always enjoy this time of year.

Ernie's girls and the tree.

Decked out for Christmas Eve mass.

New razor's for all three of the girls.

Don with mom and dad.

What would a trip back to Kansas be with out the hunting.  But, not much was out so we shot up some cans.

My younger brother, the "marksman".

One of the things I love about western Kansas are the spectacular sunsets.

We were passing by a buffalo ranch late in the day when I caught the buffalo grazing in the sunset.  Spectacular.

I shot some pictures of my little home town, Marienthal.  Of course, the elevator.

St Mary's Catholic Church (Marienthal is German for Valley of Mary).

and the Knights of Columbus Hall.

My Grampa's old store.  Unfortunately my uncle who owns it uses it as a storage shed and is letting it go to ruins.

I also enjoy being back on the farm.  My brother keeps a couple of cats around to keep the mice down.

New Years Eve 2004 (31 December 2003)- We head over to Kim and Bruce's house for our annual New Years celebration.

What does ILY stand for? (I Luv You, Newlyweds!)

that's all!