Winter 2004-2005 Photo's

Christmas 2004 (25 December 2004)- It's Christmas time!!  Time to spend some time in my home town and see what my nieces and nephews have been up to.  As usual, its lots of sports while I'm home.  I take in quite a few basketball games and one wrestling tournament.

Vanessa playing basketball..

Paul is on target to go to state, defeating all his opponents at this tournament (and he later goes on to win state).

He is a lean, mean wrestling machine.

Luke continues to grow and is playing hard for his team.

I like the girls away uniforms - Sarah is moving the ball down the court.

I go to one of my younger nieces pre-school play.  Emily is playing the Virgin Mary.

and the three wise men come to see the child.

After the play they do some Christmas songs.  For one of them they ring the bells to make a song.  The teacher has cards with colors on it.  When she shows a card that has your bell's color, you ring the bell.  It works very well and is really cute.

Time to open the presents.  My brother and family.

There is always enough help to open gifts!

Ryan lives in the city, but loves his farm equipment!  He has country in his blood.

My sister and her family.

The hat was a gift, and greatly appreciated.

My sister and some of her kids.

Mom and dad.

It was the Christmas of hell in Cincinnati.  They had more then twelve inches of snow while I was gone.  Ruminants of the disaster are still in the airport - lots and lots of unclaimed luggage!

that's all!