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Wedding in Cambridge (3-4Sept99)- On the way to Ireland I stop through England to see some friends. Up to Cambridge to see Dan Leighton marry Mim Bower. A great group of people who enjoy the moments of life.

and the proud brother!

The day after the wedding a masquerade ball is the fun for the evening - lot's of fun costumes.

Portsmouth (5-7Sept99)- I drop down to Portsmouth to visit some friends and visit the old home. Below is a view of buildings along the Portsmouth Harbor entrance.

Kath's new place - home sweet home.

11/12 Weekend (11-12Sept99)- I'm working out of Ballina Ireland these days. On the weekends we have the opportunity to venture out and see some of the local sites. This weekend we drop down and visit the pilgrimage site of Knock. In 1879, St. Mary, St. Joseph, St. John, an alter, and the Lamb appeared under the gable of a church.

We continue on south where we stop in the town of Tuam!! Home of the Saw Doctors. Okay, it's just one of those places that you have to visit after becoming a Saw Doctors fan. While in town we see the wedding procession leaving the church. The tractor in Ireland is more than just a farm vehicle. It's also a prime means of transportation.

South of Galway we go. We see some great coastline along the way to the Cliffs of Moher. Water flowing over the cliffs into the ocean, waves crashing into the shore line. I've been taking pictures of the ocean for years and never fully capture the beauty of the sea.

The Cliff's of Moher with Don, Moh, and DP.

We travel along the coastline through the Connemara. We see lot's of bog land and rolling hills. At Clifden we stop and watch a lifeboat launch. Where can I buy one of those toys?

The Kylemore Abbey, Franciscan nuns. It was a home of a wealthy British couple that fell into ruins. The nuns have raised money and done a great job of restoring it.

The last stop for the weekend. We stop at the base of Croagh Patrick. The pilgrims come here twice a year to climb the peak for indulgences. The climbs are on St. Patrick's day and at the end of July. The climb at the end of July is done bare footed! St. Patrick spend part of 40 days of lent on the now holy mountain.

18/19 Weekend (18-19Sept99)- Despite rain and wind, on Saturday we decide to try an accent of Nephin, 2646 ft. But, about 100 vertical feet from the top the wind is to strong and we have to turn back. We will be back another day. Climbing with me is Sam and Rorik.

On Sunday we drive Northwest along the coast. Some more great coastline - Down Patrick near Portacloy.

We continue on and visit the Mullet. A beautiful bit of land with sand and surf. We have some small storms pass through to give us great scenery. One of the sights I've still not grown accustomed to is the fabulous locations the Irish put cemeteries.

and then a break home to see Mark McGuire as the Cardinals play the Reds in Cincinnati,

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